UX / UI / Graphic design
I specialise in delivering first class sketches, mock-ups, persona development, UX case studies, journey maps, wire-framing, low fidelity mockups, high fidelity visual design, interactive prototyping, clickable prototypes, UI asset management, UI icon design  and UI design deliverables for Mobile and Web platforms.


My approach for helping all levels of users to the same level of excellent experience is my passion.


I am autodidact and well versed in vast array of industry standard design tools. But this doesn't stop me from learning new tools.


I have a great attention to detail and passion for beauty and clarity.


I collaborate with clients across the globe. Thank's internet.


Dedication to a project, with constant interaction with the client is just what I am known for.


To be able to create something complex yet allowing the user to walk the journey without the technology to deter, is the greatest feeling of success.