c-tiling website
project description

Challenge: Design and build a simple, clear and functional website for a sole-trader.
Client:  C-Tiling Ltd.
Role: Lead UX/UI Designer
Contribution: Research, Low Fidelity Mockups, Wireframes, High Fidelity Mockups, Interactive prototyping, Design deliverables
Tools used: Pen and paper, Keynote, Affinity Designer, Sketch, Principle, Lingo, Plutio, Sparkle

To help the user better interact with the site and guide it to important parts on the site I utilised interaction design techniques. These formed the basic design elements and style guide for the development stage.
During the visual design process I established the sites colour palette and font face. Part of this project was also to develop a unique Logo for the client which I included here for your consideration, although the development of the logo is not described in this journey. After a successful client review we launched the site.